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We turn conversation into action through the ideas of the crowd


diverse. real. impactful

Any great solution starts with defining a problem. Identifying, refining and defining a problem takes a good hard conversation made up of diverse individuals with innovative structures to share, listen and challenge.


iterate. crowdsourced

The human capability to develop solutions to ideas is untapped. We believe in putting our challenges to the crowd to solve the seemingly unsolvable. We also seek to enable individuals to collaborate together to develop even richer solutions.


nurture. connect. scale

Turning an idea into a viable solution requires three ingredients: Match making between the startup, investors & regulators; Coaching to kick start the startup’s unique journey; and Connection to a network to help further develop the solution.

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We don't just approach your problem differently...
our methodology will solve it better


From having conversations with the same people and coming up with the same ideas.

Arr ows

To convening new conversations which connect diverse individuals in inspiring locations to identify and scope out real problems


From procurement processes that have limited success in finding innovative solutions.


To convening new conversations which connect diverse individuals in inspiring locations to identify and scope out real problems


From the same old cookie cutter incubator program with limited success.


To convening new conversations which connect diverse individuals in inspiring locations to identify and scope out real problems

We believe in the power of individuals to solve big problems. What's missing is a place to make it happen. So we provide the platform and the tools to make it possible.

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Here's how we start the conversations

Here's what's possible

MindHive TimeLine

The Conversation

In 2012 Eidos Institute & MinterEllison hosted 5 "Thinking Aloud" discussions throughout capital cities. These discussions brought together diverse thinkers on how problems can be solved better. The end result was the desire to shift problem solving away from the "12 people in a room" method towards a process open to more diverse voices through the development of a crowdsourcing platform.

The Challenge

As a Challenge, the idea was taken to Wiliam, a commercial web company. The solution, MindHive, was developed by collaboration between Wiliam, Eidos Institute, the Australian Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Green Templeton College (Oxford). The platform was launched in June 2014. Voted as one of the Top Four ideas from some 80+ ideas presented via a Challenge for better connecting our research community and our national policy-makers at a National Forum hosted by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The Acceleration

In late 2016 Eidos Institute was funded by NAB Impact Investment Readiness Fund and The English Family Foundation to prepare MindHive for a $2.5M capital raising. Minter Ellison and BDO joined forces by taking the lead on legals and financial modelling. Eidos is in final discussions with Australia’s top marketing and advertising agency.

Here's why we do what we do

"The Place" for problem solving

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"How we solve problems is changing. Expertise is being redefined. The next decade will be shared intelligence - human and artificial intelligence.

Following the success of MindHive, Eidos 'The Place' emerges as a platform to share it's ten years of expertise with it's partners. Eidos is the 'GitHub' of problem solving. The team will help you host, participate or fund new ideas. Use our tools and guides, or add your own.""

Bruce Muirhead
Eidos Board Member & CEO, MindHive

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